5 makeup mistakes plus how to fix them


We all make mistakes—that time you thought an Emma Watson-inspired pixie was a good idea, that time you ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s while watching six episodes of The Good Wife, that time you went on a Tinder date with the guy who kind of looked like Eddie Redmayne if you squinted hard enough…the list goes on. Makeup mistakes, however, are different. Unlike dating mistakes or hair mistakes, makeup mistakes can go undetected for weeks, months, even years, until one day, your favorite beauty website throws open the blinds and opens your eyes to the truth. Of course, we’re not ones to make grand claims without substantiation, so we now present to you five major makeup mistakes (almost) every woman makes—and how to remedy them, of course. Scroll through to see if you’re guilty!

  • Mistake #1: Covering Under-Eye Bags Incorrectly

    Touch-Expert Advanced

    You might think that applying concealer in a half-moon shape under your eyes—the same way you apply your eye cream—is satisfactory. Not so. To really kick dark circles to the curb, you should be dotting your concealer in a triangle shape under your eyes, with either side of your eye acting as the base of the triangle, and the tip landing right above the apple of your cheek. Then, blend, blend, blend to make shadows disappear!

  • Mistake #2: Using Your Wrist as a Gauge

    Classic Flawless-Finish Liquid Foundation

    If you’ve been testing foundation shades on the inside of your wrist because your best friend in eighth grade said so, it’s time for a wake up call. The inside of your wrist is not an adequate gauge for matching foundation—in most cases, it’s quite a bit lighter than the skin on your face. Instead, walk over to a window (natural light will reveal immediately which shades do and don’t work) and apply three different shades on the side of your face, between your nose and the side of your cheek. The right color should sink and look like your natural skin color, and it will be glaringly obvious which ones don’t match.


    .Mistake #3: Your Liner Technique

    Kajal Liner

    Black eyeliner fanatic? Us too. On a night out, you might be tempted to line your bottom lid and connect it to your flick on top, but this closes your eyes and actually makes them look smaller—a.k.a. the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. If you really insist, you can use brown liner on your bottom lid, or swap in a less-harsh black eye shadow for a softer, smokier effect.

  • Mistake #4: Only Owning One Concealer

    Ultimate Coverage Concealing Crème

    If you’ve been using the same trusty concealer to cover your dark circles as you have been to hide your breakouts, we have some bad news: you’re doing it wrong. If dark circles are the bane of your existence, you should own a separate concealer with peachy undertones (and perhaps light-reflecting particles) to cancel out the blues in your under eye bags and brighten the entire area. You should not use this same concealer to cover blemishes, as this will just draw attention to them. Instead, you’ll want a creamy, yellow-based concealer to hide zits—we like Becca’s.

  • Mistake #5: Your Choice of Contour

    Chiaroscuro Contour and Highlighter Stick

    No matter what anyone says, contouring is not dead—but that doesn’t mean you can just use any powder in a darker shade to sculpt and define. As much as we love a good multi-tasking makeup tip, one thing you shouldn’t multi-task with is your bronzer. Bronzers tend to be warmer and contain light-reflecting shimmer, whereas a good contour powder (or cream) should have cool undertones and blend easily to a matte finish. Trust us, if you’re going to do it, you’ll want to do it the right way and the extra investment will pay off. Not sure which contour palettes are best? Here are three that celebrity makeup artists swear by. Oh, and here’s a little visual tutorial on exactly where to apply it. You’re welcome!

    Have you ever made these makeup mistakes? Sound off below!